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Malaga weather & climate

Average temperatures & Climate in Malaga

The climate in Malaga is Subtropical-Mediterranean with mild winters and hot summers due to its location of being near both the Mediterranean Sea and the Mountains.

The hottest month of the year is in August with an average of 25.4ºC, however the coldest month tends to be in January with an average of 12ºC.

In 2007, Malaga was the second sunniest city in Spain with 3059 hours of sun recorded. Rain is usually in the coldest month of the year like January and February.

In 2009, July was the hottest month on record since 1942 with an average temperature of 32ºC recorded, this was after three days of temperatures of 39ºC.

In the table below you will find a detailed chart of the average temperatures in Malaga throughout the year.


Average temperature per month

Maximum temperature
(°C )

Minimum temperature (ºC)

Hours of Sun per month

Jan 12 16.6 7.3 172
Feb 12.8 17.7 7.9 178
Mar 14 19.1 9 218
Apr 15.6 20.9 10.4 229
May 18.6 23.8 13.4 282
Jun 22.2 27.3 17.1 302
Jul 24.8 29.9 19.7 338
Aug 25.4 30.3 20.5 309
Sept 23 27.9 18.2 247
Oct 19 23.7 14.3 213
Nov 15.3 19.9 10.8 173
Dec 12.9 17.4 8.4 158

This is a four day weather forcast of the Malaga area:

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