Malaga airport buses

Malaga airport buses

Buses from Malaga airport to other destinations

Malaga airport has a free bus service which conects the P1 car park with the main arrivals terminal building, it also connects Malaga airport departures with the car park.

There are several public transport options at the airport, however it has its inconveniences.

The train runs every 20 minutes but the last stops are either the centre of Malaga or to Fuengirola.

Buses from Malaga Airport

Malaga airport buses

There is a bus which goes to Marbella, which leaves every two hours during the Winter and every hour during the Summer.

An urban bus connects the airport and Malaga city centre is also available, however there can be long waiting times as depending on rush hours or traffic situations.

The bus to Marbella is a cheap option, however once you are in Marbella you will more than likely have to take a taxi as most of the residential areas on the Costa del Sol don’t have public transport.

More information on bus routes and timetables are on the following page.

We recommend that you also check a map of the Costa del Sol before your trip.

Hiring a car or getting a bus transfer at Malaga airport

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A good option is to rent a car at the airport, however if you don’t want to drive we can recommend a private transfer from the airport. is a company which has English speaking, staff and drivers.

The main advantage of this is type of service is arriving at your destintation in comfort. Hiring a car with a driver is also possible for specific trips or events.

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